You now have a list of possible roofing contractors in Minneapolis from the internet. Now you have to evaluate if who will do the work for you. In this process, you can’t afford to settle for the least competent roofing contractor. Of course, you want the best contractor to handle your roofing needs.

Don’t listen to these contractors’ self-proclaimed achievements as they compete their way to winning you. Remember, not all businesses live-up to their marketing promises, especially big companies where you can’t talk with the owner. You need to filter them like a pro. Ask basic questions that are often taken for granted. Set your standards that they should meet. Prepare a checklist and start asking.

Contractor Insurance: This isn’t the insurance for the roofing job. It’s the employee insurance. If any accident happened while the roofing job is in progress, you have to shoulder the accident cost. Make sure that you are working with an insured contractor, or else you must consider casting a wider net. Accidents happen when we least expect it.

Contractor Certification: When I told you not to listen to these contractors’ self-proclaimed achievements, that’s serious. You must ask for certifications. Don’t settle for self-proclaimed certifications as well look for the proof of certification. This is your only way to make sure that your roofing contractor is knowledgeable about the latest installation techniques for stable roofing. If no proof of certification is presented, don’t use their services.

References: Asking for reference takes time, but this is vital. This pre-evaluation technique is tricky and works two ways around. First, you ask your possible Minneapolis roofing contractor to provide you with their list of reference from their past jobs. Normally they will only provide you with the best jobs they did. Second, is you conduct a quick research online and read both positive and negative reviews. Be careful, because online review system is often abused by business competition; therefore be wary of identifying the authenticity of bad reviews.

Expertise and Skills: More than references for past jobs, you need their portfolio. A portfolio can give you enough idea about the capacity, skills and level of expertise of the contractor presenting it. This is one way of making sure that their skill set meets your requirement for the specific job you want to be done.

Materials: You need to be inquisitive enough about the quality of materials they will use. Don’t compromise the quality of your roof with cheap offers. Your roof should be robust enough to withstand harsh weather conditions at a reasonable cost.

Turn-around Time: Roofing repair, full installation, or full renovation is a major change that everyone in the household can feel. You must consider a free roof inspection to get an idea of how long the work should take. Choose the most reasonable turn-around time and not the quickest, thus sacrificing quality.

These six evaluation points will help you ensure that you get the best roofing contractor in Minneapolis, MN. It takes time doing these steps, but the quality of your roof depends on how long it can safeguard you and your family. Be wise.