If you have a roofing project that seems like more than you can handle, one option for you is to call in a professional residential roofing contractor. Finding ideal roofing contractors in Minneapolis, MN can be difficult as there are very many professionals to choose from. Below are some tips that you can follow to help you in your search to find your next roofing contractor in Minneapolis, MN.


As the world rapidly moves into the digital age, most professional contractors are designing and uploading websites as a means of becoming more visible and attracting more customers. Using popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo will give you a long list of roofing Minneapolis contractors that you can work with. Take time to go through a number of them to see what they have to offer. Note down some of the companies that appear to offer high quality services and contact them to see if they are really what they claim to be. You can even conduct interviews with some of them to have a one on one interaction to narrow down on the one that will work for you.

Remodelers Showcase

These are usually a gathering of professional contractors who work on remodeling houses. This is a great place to find roofing Minneapolis professionals as they normally showcase the work they have done before so that you can see what they are capable of. Here you can also get recommendations from  other professional who have worked with the roofer before and have been impressed with their services. It is important to have an open mind and just don’t jump on the first roofer you connect with.

Family and Friends

Since looking for might be difficult, help from family, friends and even neighbors can help make it a little easier. It works better if they have worked with the roofing contractor before as you can study the work they did as well as get a first hand experience of how working with them was.  This will help you make a wise decision on the best professional to work with. It is also important to have different options as what might have worked for someone might not really work for you.


Walking around the streets and going through various media like newspapers and magazines can also help you find the best roofer to work with. Look for well written ads from professional roofers and you might just land on the ideal roofing Minneapolis contractor.  In most cases, style and wordings used in the ads normally portrays how a company carries itself. This is however not to say that they should not be interviewed to find out if they have all the features that make great roofing professionals. You should also remember to ask for quotes and contracts if you want to have a great working relationship with the professionals.