One of the most common problems on household maintenance that is being ignored is having a leaky roof. Sad to say roof maintenance is often neglected when this should be the primary home issue that needs to be taken with urgency because of the dangers that are associated with a leaking roof.

A leaky roof can cause serious problems not only on our property but may also endanger our lives. It may have developed after a storm due to strong winds, improper roof restoration or installation, and lack of household maintenance. Here are the damages that can be brought up by having leaky roofs.

Slip Hazard
If we fail to put buckets, water will drip on our floor and a family member might slip over it and can cause a serious fall either on their face or back. For sure you wouldn’t want your kids to suffer from this.

Ceiling Damage
Having a leaky roof will surely damage your ceiling. If your ceiling is made of pure plywood, in time, it will corrode and create water marks until water finds its way through your floor.

Attic Damage
If your home has an attic and you have a leaky roof, your attic will be the first one to be damaged. Anything that you have stored in your attic will also be affected.

Mold and Mildew Problems
Mold and mildew problem is unavoidable especially if water leaks are everywhere in your home. The worst is that they can cause serious health problems when they are not eliminated. Molds and mildew doesn’t only attack wood, but they can also dwell on tiles, walls, furniture, carpets, and almost anywhere in your home. Thus causing serious damage to your home and can cause allergies, asthma, rhinitis, and inflammations among your family members.

More Expensive Utility Bills
Having a damaged ceiling and leaky roof can also cause a higher utility bills. Imaging turning on an air-conditioning unit or a heater and you’ve got holes on your ceiling and roof, it will take time before your room gets hot or cold because cold or hot air can get out.

Fire Hazards
The problem in having a leaky roof is that water can get into electrical wirings on our attic or ceiling. If there are water marks near an electrical outlet, be sure to contact an electrician and a roof repair service men to have them fixed at the same time. The wires might have been shorted which can cause a serious fire problem if not taken care off right away.

Home Structure Deterioration
Leaky roofs can cause water to drip on home structures such as the walls, wood frames, ceilings, or the entire wood frame if it is made of wood. In the long run, if the leak is not repaired, it will cause the wood parts to sag and corrode, thus weakening your home’s wood foundation.

Now that we have found out that there are so many hazards associated with leaky roofs, it is extremely important for us to determine how we can avoid them. We know that prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips in order to prevent these potential hazards.

  • Check your chimneys are properly sealed.
  • Does your roof have skylights? Does it have any crack? Is it sealed properly?
  • Check all plumbing vents if it has cracks
  • Do you have satellites installed on top of your roof? Are they installed properly without causing damage on your roof? Check for possible damage right away.
  • Check the drip edges too
  • Make sure that your gutters are clean from debris because a gutter that has been stacked with debris, leaves, small wood that came from a nearby tree. They must be drained properly.
  • Check the nails on your roof, they might have rusted in time and needs replacement.
  • Check for a roofing company or roofing contractor who has been in this kind of business for a long time because they are more experienced and know what should be done.

These are just basic tips that we can share if we want to prevent having leaky roofs but certified roof restoration specialist knows better. So if you want to have the peace of mind of not having to undergo all the climbing and checking on your own and in order to avoid risks of getting into an accident of climbing on your roof top, we highly suggest that you call for help from a professional roof contractor and request for roof leak repair cost.